Hualong Saian Horsehair Lining

Brand Features

Ecology, Environment Protection

The SaiAn production is used by pure natural materials, using American finishing agent, and strictly control the residual formaldehyde below 18 parts per million. 15 times lower than the national standard.

Low Shrinkage

Shrinkage strictly controlled within 1%, and can be suit with any fabric.

High non-skid

Unique horsetail weaving process and finalize the design technology fundamentally solve the problem of the horsehair interlining slippage from a suit fabrics.

Crisp adiustable

Couple hardness with softness performance, make suit crisp and not hard, loose fit with natural and unrestrained.

Variety complete

The brand has two big series more than 50 varieties include horsehair interlining black interlining and so on.

Personalized Customization

Combining with the actual production, according to the enterprise product customization and product appropriate production specifications.