Hualong Saian Horsehair Lining

Features and functions of high-grade clothing accessories and horsetail interlining cloth

Pony tail lining cloth is a kind of high-grade clothing accessories, its performance characteristics for the warp and weft quite elastic, is an indispensable and important accessories for high-grade suits and ladies windbreaker. In addition, the formulation of horsetail lining product standards is also a necessary link in the standardization process of the entire textile industry in China, so the formulation of horsetail lining product standards is of great significance.


Suit custom good or buy ready-to-wear good?

With the improvement of people's quality of life, people's pursuit of clothing quality is getting higher and higher, and customization is becoming more and more popular. And the more hot suit customization, the more people compare them. Is it better to customize a suit or buy ready-to-wear clothes?


What is horsetail interlining horsetail interlining usage

What is horsetail interlining? horsetail interlining usage, horsetail interlining is also called black charcoal interlining, wool interlining, core-wrapped interlining, segmented interlining. It is a kind of non-adhesive interlining cloth and non-adhesive interlining cloth. Usually the warp yarn is fine-count cotton or its blended yarn, while the weft yarn is processed with animal fiber (horsetail, cow hair, goat hair, human hair) or wool blended yarn as raw material, and is processed through various special finishing processes. Traditionally, people call it black carbon lining or chest lining cloth, which is named after it is mainly used for outerwear such as suits. The early wool lining cloth (black carbon lining) is made of sizing and is still in use today. Later, the wool lining cloth (black carbon lining) is made of resin. Pony tail lining cloth (black carbon lining) with ponytail as weft yarn, cotton or polyester-cotton blended yarn as warp yarn woven base fabric, and then set and resin finishing.


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