Hualong Saian Horsehair Lining

Brand Introduction

The horse hair interlining made of horse hair is the necessary accessories for high class suits. After the fixation and finishing, the horse hair in the fabric will have a regular forniciform, the warp is inlayed in the grooves of the horse hairs, which has changed from straight clubbed shape to bending spring. Thus prevent the slipping of both the yarn and the horse hairs. Furthermore the spring-shaped horse hairs have much higher elasticity and is more difficult to be out of shape. Therefore, the garment made of horse interlinings get characteristics as: softness, high elasticity, wrinklefree, elegance but sturdiness so it will look fitting, smooth, elastic and never losing shape.


The horse hair interlinings after special treatment-non formaldenhyde finishing by saian brand .will not be able to pull out under 245N tension.and the shrinkage under 1% after dry-cleaning,and they possess good permeability.

Black horsetail interlining

Using black ponytail as weft, natural pure cotton yarn or polyester cotton yarn as warp is called black ponytail lining cloth. The black ponytail has a dense structure and strong elasticity. Suitable for doing style more heavy suit.

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The ponytail lining made of gray, brown, black and white ponytail mixed together to make weft, and the ponytail lining made of natural pure cotton yarn or polyester cotton yarn is called flower ponytail lining. The design and color ponytail are moderately elastic and widely used, with light, thin and thick heavy.

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White horsetail lining

White ponytail is used as weft, and natural pure cotton yarn or polyester cotton yarn as warp is called white ponytail lining cloth. The white ponytail structure is slightly looser than black and color ponytail, and its elasticity is weaker than black and color ponytail. Suitable for white fabric or light suit.

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