Hualong Saian Horsehair Lining


Hualong Saian-Process Flow

Company introduce high-technology product machine from Germany and South Korea ,have independent product R&D department and own abundant technology force. Stick to think about problem from customer view for consummating process on product and increase the durability and beauty.

★ In 1994 company completed horsehair interlining to finalize the design of new technology research and development, to fill the blank of domestic technology.

★ The lnvented about horsehair interlining slippage performance test fixture in 2004 applied for national patent, the invention was awarded "golden crown" by the international science center.

★ From 2007 to 2012. completed ‘The horsehair interlining of national standard’, ‘The national standardof horsehair interlining resilience method’, released by the national standard committee andimplemented in 2012.