Hualong Saian Horsehair Lining

Features and functions of high-grade clothing accessories and horsetail interlining cloth

Pony tail lining cloth is a kind of high-grade clothing accessories, its performance characteristics for the warp and weft quite elastic, is an indispensable and important accessories for high-grade suits and ladies windbreaker. In addition, the formulation of horsetail lining product standards is also a necessary link in the standardization process of the entire textile industry in China, so the formulation of horsetail lining product standards is of great significance.


Four seasons suit fabric selection skills

Suitable for spring and summer suit fabric: Pure cotton: tend to be comfortable, suitable for leisure occasions; Linen: mainly for leisure, not suitable for formal occasions;


The fabric of the suit is selected, and only when you understand it can you know what is suitable!!!

Friends who want to customize their suits can customize their suits according to the following fabrics. They can explain the knowledge of suit fabrics, but they must not miss it.


Custom suits need to know that often choose seven kinds of fabrics

It is also divided into two categories of rough spinning or worsted yarn weaving. When using worsted yarn, it is called worsted flannel, which is mostly twill weave, with double-sided fluff, rich colors and soft hand feeling, and can be used to make autumn and winter suit. Roarse spinning is more casual, with a stronger velvet feeling on the surface. Generally, it is worn in autumn and winter, and is more suitable for making casual style single west.


Suit fabric classification

Most of the texture is thin, smooth, clear lines. The luster is natural and soft, with bleach. The bones are crisp, soft and elastic to the touch. Grip the material and loosen, basically no wrinkle, even if there is a slight crease can also disappear in a very short time. It belongs to the superior fabric in the suit fabric and is usually used in spring and summer suits. Easy to pilling, not resistant to wear, easy to moth, moldy.


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